Furling line

Furling line is the new line dedicated to ropes for furling the bow sails.

The range consists of 4 lines built with cores in Dyneema® SK78, HMPE or Polyester coupled with socks with different mix of fibers techniques.

SY Line

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  • Tornado 1100% PET HT
  • Tornado 2100% HMPE
  • Tornado 3100% Dyneema® SK78
  • Tornado 4100% Dyneema® SK78 + PU

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Marine and yachting

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Products range

  1. Tornado 1 100% PET HT

    The polyester core is making this rope more elastic and less performing in terms of breaking load. Nevertheless, the quality of the cover in terms of grip and resistance to abrasion is very good.

    As low as €4.21
  2. Tornado 2 100% HMPE

    The core in HMPE fiber, places the performance of this rope halfway between Polyester and Dyneema® SK78. Medium/low stretch and good breaking load. The cover, which is exactly the same as for version 1 and 3, improves the performance of the rope thanks to a lower stretch of the core.

    As low as €5.27
  3. Tornado 3 100% Dyneema® SK78
    Dyneema® SK78 increases the breaking load and decreases the overall stretch of the rope and exactly this property is a must have wherever a quick and precise furling of the sail is required. The core is more stable and doesn’t scare heavy stress also caused by its use on electric winches.
    As low as €7.35
  4. Tornado 4 Dyneema® SK78 + PU

    The Dyneema® SK78 core manages the reduce the crushing of the rope keeping it round and compacted, while the construction of the cover, made of Black Technora and HT Polyester has a great grip and an amazing resistance to abrasions and UV rays. This is the ideal product for high performance boats.

    As low as €7.54
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