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Products range

  1. Delphinus Floating
    Floating and supple braid with cover in Polypropylene UV stabilized.
    As low as €0.43
  2. Elastic 100% Pure rubber latex
    Elastic rope in pure rubber latex, cover in Polyester.
    As low as €0.41
  3. Sagola Polyester
    Core in unidirectional Polyester HT, cover in Polyester HT. For speargun reels for recreational spearfishing.
    As low as €0.05
  4. Prorope Polyester
    The cheapest multiuse rope, for anchoring of small boats, blinds, anchors of small boats, biminies, etc.
    As low as €0.20
  5. Fantasy Polyester

    Polyester braid suitable for fenders, small moorings, towing, anchors of small boats, blinds, biminies, mooring posts and various bindings.

    As low as €0.46
  6. Fender Braid Polyester
    Polyester braid suitable for fenders; supple, resistant, with good knot retention.
    As low as €1.16
  7. Waxed Braid Minirolls Polyester
    Minirolls of waxed Polyester braid, for whipping and sewing.
    As low as €5.73
  8. Dyneema® / PET Minirolls Dyneema® SK75
    Minirolls with Polyester sock and core in unidirectional Dyneema® SK75, for flags, strops, windsurf and various bindings.
    As low as €7.38
  9. Dyneema® 100% Minirolls 100% Dyneema®

    Minirolls in 100% Dyneema® braid + PU, for seams that require high tensile strength and low elongation.

    As low as €10.11
  10. PET Minirolls Polyester

    Minirolls 100% Polyester sock and core in unidirectional Polyester, for flags, strops, various bindings and sewing.

    As low as €4.81
  11. Sea King Polyester

    3 strand rope with balanced torsion, double twist construction in Polyester. This is the best choice for permanent moorings, for mooring on mooring posts and for all types of boats

    As low as €0.30
  12. Square Line Polyester
    8 strand braid in Polyester. Commonly used for the mooring of all types of boats up to Super Yachts, anchoring as well as temporary and long moorings of medium and small boats
    As low as €2.21
  13. Round Line Polyester
    12 strand braid in Polyester. For the mooring of small boats to Super Yachts. Always smooth, even after prolonged use. Easy to splice
    As low as €4.73
  14. Storm Line Polyester

    Balanced twisted Polyester braided core, Polyester cover. Ideal for Super Yachts but also for emergency or long moorings of small and medium sized boats

    As low as €1.77
  15. Storm Line Plus Dyneema®
    Balanced twist Dyneema® braided core, Polyester cover. It brings a significant improvement to the lives of the crew, ensuring very high breaking load and small diameters, extreme safety and low water absorption
    As low as €30.33
  16. Square Line PP Polipropilene H.T.
    8 strand braid in H.T. Polypropylene with UV treatment. Multi-use floating line, for long moorings and towing
    As low as €2.08
  17. Novus Line Dyneema® SK78
    The latest new rope concept for floatable moorings and towing lines. Novus Line is a new generation rope made with a Dyneema® SK78 braiding core, which assures the 100% of the load and protected and covered by a 12 strands braid in H.T. Polypropylene with UV treatment
    As low as €8.23
  18. Secur Line Dyneema® SK78
    Floating rope, ideal for emergency anchoring and long mooring from boat to land and as towing line. Made of 100% Dyneema® SK78 it assures high breaking load, lightness, low elongation, almost zero water absorption, high visibility and high resistance to abrasion and cut
    As low as €13.85
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