Super Yacht - Mooring

S/Y Mooring line

Range of mooring lines dedicated specifically to the world of Super Yachts.

These ropes ensure high breaking loads without an excessive increase in diameters and weights.

SY Line

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Floating Ropes
  • Novus LineDyneema® SK78
  • Secur LineDyneema® SK78
  • Square Line PPPolipropilene H.T
Conventional Ropes
  • Storm Line PlusDyneema®
  • Square Line PPPoliestere
  • Storm LineDyneema®
  • Round LinePoliestere
  • Square LinePoliestere

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Products range

  1. Mooring floating rope

    Novus Line DYN+PP

    8-strand braid in Dyneema® SK78 + Polypropylene H.T.
    9.33€ was 9.62€

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    SKU: NAB4

    The latest new rope concept for floatable moorings and towing lines. The balanced twisting of Dyneema® SK78 with Polypropylene guarantees a good breaking load and elongation, in order to improve the comfort on board.
  2. Mooring rope

    Storm Line Plus

    Core Dyneema®
    Cover PET
    9.46€ was 9.75€

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    SKU: NA90_SLP

    It brings a significant improvement to the lives of the crew, ensuring very high breaking load and small diameters.
  3. Mooring floating rope

    Secur Line

    100% Dyneema SK78 + PU
    14.81€ was 15.27€

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    SKU: N037

    Floating rope, ideal for emergency anchoring and long mooring from boat to land and as towing line. Made of 100% Dyneema® SK78 it assures high breaking load, lightness.

  4. Mooring floating rope

    Square Line PP

    H.T. Polypropylene with UV treatment
    2.22€ was 2.29€

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    SKU: NA43

    8 strand braid in H.T. Polypropylene with UV treatment. Multi-use floating line, for long moorings and towing.
  5. Mooring rope

    Storm Line

    Core PET
    Cover PET
    1.90€ was 1.96€

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    Balanced twisted Polyester braided core, Polyester cover. Ideal for Super Yachts but also for emergency or long moorings of small and medium sized boats.

  6. Mooring rope

    Round Line

    12 strand braid in Polyester
    5.06€ was 5.22€

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    12 strand braid in Polyester. For the mooring of small boats to Super Yachts. Always smooth, even after prolonged use. Easy to splice.

  7. Mooring rope

    Square Line

    8 strand braid in Polyester
    2.37€ was 2.44€

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    8 strand braid in Polyester. Commonly used for the mooring of all types of boats up to Super Yachts, anchoring as well as temporary and long moorings of medium and small boats.