Multiuse line

The line includes ropes and other items suitable for the most varied uses on board.

Ropes for tying fenders and for small moorings, ropes for starting engines or for fixing awnings, for tying and sewing of various types.

Multiuse Line


  • PET MinirollsPoliestere
  • Dyneema® 100% Minirolls100% Dyneema®
  • Dyneema® PET / MinirollsDyneema® SK75
  • Waxed Braid MinirollsPoliestere


Multiuse line

  • Fender braidPoliestere
  • FantasyPoliestere
  • ProropePoliestere
  • SagolaPoliestere
  • Elastic100% pura gomma
  • Delphinus-
  • EnginePoliestere
  • Rete in Dyneema® Per Catamarani
  • Rete in Dyneema® Poliestere H.T
  • Sacca portacime Poliestere

Multiuse line

Featured products

Multiuse line - Minirolls

  1. Mini Roll

    PET Minirolls

    5.15€ was 5.31€

    SKU: NA38_MIN

    Minirolls 100% Polyester sock and core in unidirectional Polyester, for flags, strops, various bindings and sewing.

  2. Mini Roll

    Dyneema® 100% Minirolls

    Dyneema® SK75 + PU
    10.83€ was 11.16€

    SKU: NA67_MIN

    Minirolls in 100% Dyneema® braid + PU, for seams that require high tensile strength and low elongation.

  3. Mini Roll

    Dyneema® / PET Minirolls

    Polyester sock. Core with unidirectional Dyneema® SK75
    7.90€ was 8.14€

    SKU: NA93_MIN

    Minirolls with Polyester sock and core in unidirectional Dyneema® SK75, for flags, strops, windsurf and various bindings.
  4. Mini Roll

    Waxed Braid Minirolls

    6.14€ was 6.33€

    SKU: N026

    Minirolls of waxed Polyester braid, for whipping and sewing.

Marine and yachting

Click the link to download a PDF version of the Armare Ropes Marine and Yachting catalogue.

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Multiuse line

  1. Knotless net

    Dyneema® net

    Dyneema® + PU
    19.73€ was 20.34€


    Knotless trampoline net, made with 100% Dyneema® impregnated with Polyurethane coating - square mesh.
  2. 24 plait Polyester braid

    Fender Braid - Polyester

    Core None
    Cover PET
    1.25€ was 1.29€

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    SKU: N021

    Polyester braid suitable for fenders; supple, resistant, with good knot retention.
  3. Polyester braid


    Core Twisted Polyester yarn
    Cover PET
    0.49€ was 0.51€

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    SKU: N009

    Polyester braid suitable for fenders, small moorings, towing, anchors of small boats, blinds, biminies, mooring posts and various bindings.

  4. Polyester braided cover


    Core Twisted Polyester yarn
    Cover PET
    0.22€ was 0.23€

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    SKU: N010

    The cheapest multiuse rope, for anchoring of small boats, blinds, anchors of small boats, biminies, etc.
  5. Polyester braid


    Core Multifilament Polyester
    Cover PET
    0.06€ was 0.06€

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    SKU: N016

    Core in unidirectional Polyester HT, cover in Polyester HT. For speargun reels for recreational spearfishing.
  6. Braid with core


    Core Rubber latex
    Cover PET
    0.43€ was 0.44€

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    SKU: N014

    Elastic rope in pure rubber latex, cover in Polyester.
  7. 16 plait braid


    Core None
    Cover PP (Polypropylene)
    0.44€ was 0.45€

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    SKU: N013

    Floating and supple braid with cover in Polypropylene UV stabilized.
  8. Braid with core


    Core Multifilament Polyester
    Cover PET
    0.27€ was 0.28€

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    SKU: N015

    Flexible and resistant against chafe. Specifically indicated for starting engines.

  9. Net

    Guardrail net - Polyester HT

    Polyester HT
    Special Price 612.55€ was 631.49€

    SKU: RETE_60/50

    Net in Polyester HT manually knotted, square mesh, to be installed on guard wires to improve safety onboard.
  10. Accessories

    Armare bag for ropes - Polyester

    Poliestere impermeabilizzato

    SKU: SACCA_70\020.000

    Spacious bag in polyester fabric waterproofed by internal PVC coating, equipped with handles for carrying by hand and shoulder straps for backpack use.