Kumba 5 - Black Technora® + Polyester

Kumba 5 - Black Technora® + Polyester

Laser Pro

Product specifically developed to achieve a high number of cycles; used as Traveller on Laser boats.
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The first characteristic of Laser Pro is to lock without any sliding in the cleat, due to the optimized diameter, in order to make the adjustment more stable and permanent. Laser Pro is built with a core in 100% Dyneema® SK78 heat prestretched and PU coated and a cover in Pure Black Dyneema®, with a compact construction; it presents a reduced elongation and a high breaking load. The special orange "tracer" highlights when the maneuver needs to be replaced.


COVER 100% Dyneema® Pure Black

CORE 12 plait with Dyneema® SK78 + HPS + PU

UNIQUE DIAMETER 4,8 mm (Product dedicated and intended for a single maneuver)


STRETCH AT 30% B. L. 1,95%
STRETCH AT B. L. 2,98%

COLOUR Black with orange markers


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