Soft Braid 1 - PET + GRIP

Soft Braid 1 - PET + GRIP

Soft Braid 2PET + GRIP / DYN

Sliding and abrasion resistant cover, light weight core with low breaking load and average elongation. Aimed at general use, but with frequent runnings.
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NA63C82 - Classic

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FEATURES AND USE With the introduction of Dyneema® combined with Polyester, we obtained a sliding cover that is more resistant to abrasion. The core in polypropylene permits to maintain a light weight, a low breaking load and an average elongation. Aimed at general use, wherever frequent runnings are required, Soft Braid 2 is a more affordable alternative to be used as sheet on dinghies and small boats.

From 4 to 11 mm

STRETCH AT 30% B. L. 8,00%
STRETCH AT B. L. 15,00%

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