VAT and Invoicing

1. VAT on items sold by Armare
The acronym indicates the VAT (Value Added Tax) charged on items sold by Armare within the EU. In accordance with applicable laws on distance selling, Armare is obliged to charge VAT on all orders shipped or transported in the Italian territory from another Member State with regards to individuals not subject to tax. In general, VAT is charged according to the legislation of each Member State of destination of goods.
The amounts shown for items sold by Armare in Armare website under “Price” are inclusive of VAT, unless otherwise stated. The final price may differ depending on the VAT rate applicable at the time of purchase that is applied to your order. Before confirming your order, you will be able to see your final price including VAT.

2. VAT on Armare sales to customers resident in Italy
When you purchase an item sold and shipped by Armare are buying from a company based in Italy, which charges VAT on all goods sold to individual residents, who are not subject to tax. Items purchased through, as performed by an online merchant, do not require the emittance of invoices (or receipts or tax receipts) to private purchasers (when a VAT number has not been declared), in accordance to Art. 22 of the Decree of the President of the Republic of 26/10/1972 n. 633 and Article 2, point oo) of the Presidential Decree of 21 December 1996, n. 696 (as confirmed by Resolution n. 274 / E, 5 November 2009). Generally, an individual does not need to be invoiced. Proof of purchase, assistance and warranty details are included in the package of your order. If you still wish to ask for an invoice, please contact our customer service before the order is due to be shipped. The invoice is forwarded to the address associated to the means of payment and it will not be possible to forward the invoice to a different address or nominee. The details of shipping charges will be displayed under "Order Total" in the order summary page.

3. VAT issued by an EU member state
If you are a holder of a VAT number registered in a Member State of the European Union, in order to fulfill the conditions listed below, you can send us your VAT number when you make purchases from the Armare site. Submitting this information will allow us to use your VAT number to identify which tax to apply to your purchases.

4. Purchases for Italian residents subject to Italian VAT registration
When you provide a VAT registration number to buy through the Armare site, the system automatically determines the level of VAT to charge on your purchases and issues a valid invoice in accordance with local and / or European billing.
If you have a VAT number and you are an Italian resident in Italy, under the new law (article 17 DPR 633/1972 - Art. 194 of the European Directive), all tax obligations are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. In fact, upon receipt of the invoice, you should always check the amounts and if necessary re-align the sum according to the reverse-charge mechanism.

5. Adding your VAT number
You can enter your VAT number in your account management pages. If you are a new customer, please enter your VAT registration number after you register on the site. You will need to enter the legal name and address associated with your VAT number. You will receive an e-mail notification if we encounter a problem with the information relating to the VAT number you entered. If your VAT number is not valid, the registration status of your VAT number will appear as “Inactive”. To be registered as a profesional user you may be asked to provide a copy of your VAT registration certificate, your corporation certificate or your start-up certificate in order to confirm the validity of the VAT number.
If you have an Italian or Spanish VAT number, it may not be valid for intra-Community purchases. VAT numbers which are not valid for intra-Community purchases cannot be validated by our site. If you enter a Spanish VAT number, you must indicate whether the number is “local”. If you enter an Italian VAT number, you must indicate whether or not it is registered for intra-Community purchases.

6. VAT for EU customers based outside the Italian territory
According to the laws on distance selling, Armare is obliged to charge VAT on goods exported to EU countries against individuals who are not liable to tax. For European Union customers residing outside Italy, the level of VAT charged is in accordance to the law of the country where the goods are shipped. VAT deductions will be visible on the order summary page, in the e-mail order confirmation, and on the receipt sent inside the package.

7. Customers based outside the European Union
Items sold by Armare and shipped to addresses outside the European Union, are generally not subject to VAT in the EU. For intercontinental shipments, additional customs charges may apply and these will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser. We have no control over such charges and we cannot predict what the amounts are, as these vary from country to country. For further information, please contact the customs office in the country where your purchases are to be de

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